Listening is probably the best thing I can do for you. It is  often the most forgotten tool of communication, especially in real estate.  This process is not about my expertise and what I have to say as much as it is about you - your needs and your wants. Again, this is your life here and I do not take that lightly. I will listen to what you want and what you need and customize a plan specifically for you with what you've told me in mind.

Just as important and, often, just as ignored is regular communication with you during the process of your home sale or purchase. You should always know exactly what is or is not happening with your home. When something is not happening that should be, it may be time to re-strategize or change directions and plans.  And we will absolutely do that. This is a time sensitive business so flexibility is key. When the market changes, you need to know about it. When you're not getting the response expected, there's a need that should be addressed. I love good communication and am just as frustrated when poor communication exists in business relationships. At every moment, you have complete freedom to let me know if you do not feel you are not getting the communication you need and how we can enhance our relationship.


You must be able to trust your real estate agent. You must believe they operate with the greatest integrity and ethics and that they have your best interest in mind. Always. Always. It is my fiduciary responsibility to be honest and fair with you. I take great pride in my work and in the way I conduct business.
I  will always be up front and honest with you about what I think needs to be done to get the deal done or when I think the deal is not right. I will never encourage you to make something work that is not in your best interest. I am obligated to put you above others. Honesty, fairness, Integrity and Ethics...It is just the right thing to do.

Business Professionalism

After working in Corporate America for over 10 years in sales, marketing, customer service and consulting, I have acquired certain business skills necessary in the real estate business. A senior consultant to Directors of Customer Service at large organizations, I understand customer service in a way very few people do. It was my job to help businesses improve their customer service and retention. I had a completely custom strategy and complex solution for each employer specific to their needs and business problems. I can't think of anything that qualifies me better to be your customer service professional when it comes to your home.

In addition to customer service, a real estate agent must be a strong negotiator. I thrive at negotiating. A leader by design, the ability to influence others comes naturally and easily when I believe in something. I believe in advocating for you, so I will consult with you, hear your needs and negotiate on your behalf with confidence.

Strategic thinking and action will ultimately define the level of success of any business. Again, there will be shifts and changes in the market as a whole and even on a smaller scale with your individual situation. I will constantly monitor the big and small pictures and devise a plan or direction based on the facts that are known. Whether it's staging your home, offering additional services or your marketing plan, I will always operate with an exceptional level of professionalism based on the things I know. In the real estate world, there are plenty of factors that are completely unknown, so I will rely on my intuition, experience, relationships and the best market research we have to help you make decisions when the facts just aren't there.

Creativity and Innovation

The way people make decisions to buy or sell a home is constantly changing. Technology is evolving like never before. Competition in the market place is more fierce than ever. Your agent must be able to set their services and your home apart from the sea of others.  And that requires creativity and innovative thinking. 

I offer a unique approach with a personal touch to each situation. Utilizing the newest and best in technological advancements, I will work hard to make this as effective and efficient as possible. Having worked for a winning marketing team for a number of years, I will not offer a cookie cutter approach. Your marketing materials will be differentiated from the competition. With your partnership and permission, your home will draw unique attention too. And I will work hard to provide you unique items of value all along the way whether you are a buyer or a seller. The message will be clearly communicated using innovative and clever ideas.